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Posted by skenow on Fri, 21 Dec 2018 , 2654 reads

It was a lifetime ago when I first found out I was going to be a father. Feeling an immeasurable sense of joy, and an equal sense of fear, I knew my journey had just gone down a path I could not turn away from. As Gayle and I traveled farther down the path to parenthood, we chose names, redecorated rooms, and started collecting the things necessary for raising a child. Anticipation mounted daily. There is nothing so full of hope as the arrival of a new baby. Babies are our future, and as long as there are babies, there is hope.

Come on in!

Mary Smetana Kenow and Albert KenowYou have found your way to the Kienow Family Website. Within these pages, you will find various bits of history, heritage and family lore relating to the family KIENOW. The descendants of KIENOWS fall into 2 main surname spellings - KIENOW and KENOW. There have been other spellings throughout the years, among them KENO, KEANOW, KAINOW, KAÿNOW. There are several branches trying to converge their research and connect their families. Each branch has made significant progress in following their ancestors back to a place of origin in Pommern, and each continues to reach out to more cousins around the world to share our heritage. Perhaps you will find some of your family here, too.

If you're looking for names and dates, start on the Family Tree page to get linked to the various genealogies on the web. If you're looking for stories about some of the people in the family, go the Getting To Know Us page. The Favorites page lists a lot of useful links for more research and history, and the Photo Gallery lets you know what we look like. Or, if you're just trying to find some of the basic facts about our family, visit Things You Should Know. We'd love to hear from you, and we think the Refrigerator Door is a great place for messages and to leave a note of your own. But, we need some input from you to make it work. There's always something going on in the The Workshop, so stop in and pick a project to work on. And, we continue to add and update the site and the door is always open. Come back soon!

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