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Friedrich Karl Wilhelm Wollmer (I57)
Given Names: Friedrich Karl Wilhelm
Surname: Wollmer

Given Names: Fred
Surname: Woelmer

Given Names: Wilhelm Friedrich Karl
Surname: Wollmer

Sex: Male Male

Birth 29 June 1866 -- Raisinville Township, Monroe, Michigan
Death 22 March 1957

Personal Facts and Details Notes Media Close Relatives
Birth 29 June 1866 Father53Mother36 Raisinville Township, Monroe, Michigan

Baptism 15 June 1866 (Age -1)

Note: name recorded as Wilhelm Friedrich Karl Wollmer
Confirmation 24 April 1881 (Age 14)

Note: Name recorded as Wilhelm Freidrich Karl Wollmer
Marriage 22 March 1957 (Age 90) Anna Caroline Hehl - ‎[View Family ‎(F15)‎‎]

Death 22 March 1957 (Age 90)
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