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The information presented here has been collected over several years by many different researchers and family members - many thanks to Paul Kienow, Harold Kenow, James Zabel and Don Wood for providing the bulk of the information found here and to all of you for enduring their questions and sharing your stories. It is now presented in one place to help bring together the various branches so we can make the remaining connections between the families.

There are now 8 distinct branches of the KENOW/KIENOW family tree being traced. We're getting closer to connecting them, but we still have some more research to do. All of these branches trace their heritage back to Pommern, and pretty close together in Pommern, too. If you are looking for a specific branch, use the Individual List pages to find your branch and start there. I will be adding some background information later showing the general layout of the families.

We are constantly reviewing the material here for any errors we have made in entering the information, and we do not always have the latest information about current family members. If you find information that needs completing or correcting, please use the link at the bottom of each family tree page to send us the information.

Explore the many different areas of the family trees and the rest of the site, and we'd love to hear from you.

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Kienow Family
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(Unknown), Durand, Kenow, Kienow, Kops, Richert, Schmidt, Wolf, Zabel
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FemaleAmanda June Duggins ‎(I1760)‎
Death - 5 December 1927 (95 year anniversary)
New Albany, Indiana

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