Kienow Family History and Heritage

General : Out Like a Lamb
Posted by skenow on Tue, 27 Mar 2007 (1785 reads)

Just a few weeks later and the 36" of snow is gone, the ice is off the pond and we hit 80 degrees yesterday! I've resisted the urge to start rambling around the yard and digging in the gardens because the ground is still pretty soft, but I have sat out on the deck and grilled out several times already. I am not ready to put away all the warm clothes just yet, the average last frost date in my area is May 10th.

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General : In Like a Lion
Posted by skenow on Sun, 04 Mar 2007 (1812 reads)

The weather in Minnesota and much of the country has supplied us with something to talk about during these late months of winter. 2 storms in one week have brought almost 3' of snow in parts of southern Minnesota, reminding us that we are not the center of attention and cannot control everything.

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Here's What I Know : Thanks.
Posted by skenow on Wed, 29 Nov 2006 (2429 reads)

By itself, the word 'thanks' doesn't convey the full intent of the writer. I was thinking about this over the last week and came to the conclusion that words alone aren't always sufficient to express our thoughts, our ideas, our fears, our dreams or our feelings. Current technology is pushing us back to written forms of communication - I think my kids use their phones more for text messaging than they do for talking!

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General : Branches of the Family Tree
Posted by skenow on Fri, 15 Sep 2006 (2153 reads)

I guess I should have posted this earlier, but in the conversion of the site, I missed adding the information about the various branches of our tree. Here you have it - if you are wondering which KENOWS/KIENOWS are your KIENOWS, then this might help you out. Not all the information is posted, yet, but we are working on getting one central place where all the KENOW/KIENOW family information gets shared.

What we have now is one place to launch your searches, and we have linked the various sites together.

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General : Grandpa's Story Available Here
Posted by skenow on Wed, 23 Aug 2006 (1884 reads)

Mary and Albert A compiled version of what Grandpa (Albert Kenow - 'Pa') may have experienced has been written and was previewed by people attending this year's reunion. That story is now also available online in the 'Our Stories' section, and also as a download. Take your pick on how you would like to view it.

The download version will allow you to print a copy and place it in your family history book with your other family tree pages and documents. Or, you can just read it online.