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Harlan Kenow and Lucille Stadler

I'm not really sure when Harlan and I met. Seems like he would be around the neighborhood riding his bike with his friends. I also would see him between classes at Faribault High School. We were 2 grades apart. After school was done, my best friend, Rosie Achilles, and I would stop by the train depot to rest before continuing home. Lo and behold - he was doing the same thing. Funny how we managed to end up in so many of the same places! Anyway - we did decide we liked each other and started dating. Lots of malts and movies.

Along came the attack on Pearl Harbor and in March of 1943, Harlan was drafted. He was stationed in California. He came home on furlough in 6 months and we made arrangements to be married on his next leave. That was April 11, 1944. After his leave was up, I accompanied him back to California. I was fortunate to be able to live with Leona and Bico Riach and family, as they lived there. Harlan came there on weekends. That went on for 6 months and then Harlan had to go overseas to Oahu and Iwo Jima. He was in the anti-aircraft artillery division. I came back to my home in Faribault - staying with my folks - oh - I forgot to say that I was pregnant, too. It was to be the start of many children. Carol was born on April 12, 1945, while Harlan was overseas. She was 8 months old before he got to see her and when he looked into the buggy, she cried. What a homecoming! He was in the service for 2 and a half years.

We were fortunate to be able to buy a house from Shorty Kenow. It was right next door to Hank and Leo Jarvis on the west end of town.

After 4 more bundles of joy - our family moved to Minneapolis and Harlan started working for Len's contracting company. Actually, he started before that and commuted back and forth for a few months. After his shoulder began giving him trouble from the taping and sanding work he did, he got hired on at the Sprint Lake Park Hight School as a custodian, but quickly got the outdoor groundsman job he liked. Real close to home, too. That lasted for about 10 years, until he succumbed to a massive heart attack on his was up to Don Kenow's cabin in Wisconsin on Memorial Day - May 30th, 1986.

Our family consisted of 11 children - one of which was full term stillborn - Dawn. There is Carol, Sue, Bev, Kathy, Curt, Mark, Teresa, Renee, Laurie and Jill. All have families of their own, contributing to the 20 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. I have 2 more great-grandchildren arriving in January and February 2002.

I myself was born on February 14. 1925 in Montgomery, MN. I have 2 living sisters, Eva from Canada, and Mary Ann from Circle Pines. Lost a sister, Liz, giving birth to her first child, and another sister died at birth.

I thank the Lord for all my blessings and the 42 years Harlan and I spent together.

Lucille - September 2001
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