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Here's What I Know : Starting the year off right
Posted by skenow on Sun, 01 Jan 2006 (1366 reads)

Today is just like any other day - really. It just happens to be the first day of the year (on our calendar). There are a lot of other calendars in use around the world, and they all are just as arbitrary. When is the 'first day' of anything?

You may start to get the idea that I don't think much about New Year's, or any other calendar-based event, and you'd be pretty close to the mark. You see, a day can only bring what we bring to it. If you get up in the morning without some kind of plan for what you want to accomplish, how much will you get done? Pretty much everything you had planned - nothing!

Start every day with purpose, and you will have a reason to get up, something to look forward to, and a sense of accomplishment as you work to achieve your goals.

I just did a quick search - 'tomorrow' is used 56 times in the Bible, but 'today' is used over 200 times. ('Yesterday' was only used 8 times). Every day we pray - 'give us today our daily bread'. Today is our 'present' (read that again so you get it). Make every today be the beginning of something new, something great.

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