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Here's What I Know : On the Move
Posted by skenow on Sat, 18 Mar 2006 (1622 reads)

Well, the house sold shortly after my last posting, and we've been busy with all the final arrangements and finding ways to put off packing until the absolute last minute.

We've spent almost 13 years in this house, and all of us are affected differently with the thought of this not being our home anymore. We have touched every surface and aspect of this house, and the kids have had their school days in this house. We'll be leaving a lot behind, but the memories are coming with us.

Personally, I think this move will be good for us, not just because of the space we're gaining to entertain family and friends more easily (but it certainly has a lot to do with it), but also because this is something we will do as a family. The kids will still be around for a while to get accustomed to the new house and develop some new memories before they move out on their own.

I still have recollections of most of my dwelling places, and the places family lived. But, mostly, I remember the times with people that were important to me. I have gone through exercises of visualising my childhood home - the rooms, the furniture, the neighborhood and the neighbors - and, doing that gives me a kind of 'Back to the Future' perspective about today's events and challenges. Families stand the test of time and place.

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