Kienow Family History and Heritage

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Re: Cora Bell Cramer nee Brown

by skenow on 2007/5/6 13:56:24

Sherry - welcome to the group! We get excited when another member of the family joins in.

Our tree spreads pretty wide - I have large family histories for my father's side, my mother's side and my wife's families. I am related to Roland through my mother's side. The family tree has a lot of options, finding relationships is one of them. This is the path between Roland and me

Once again - welcome!
Cora Bell Cramer nee Brown

by on 2007/5/5 11:00:33

Hello Everyone,

I am the Great Great Granddaughter of Cora Bell and Rolland Cramer!! Their son Clyde Earl Cramer was my Grandfather and Alma was my Aunt Alma!!! I am sooo excited that I found this site!! I have been researching these two to no avail. I just sent to several counties in Illnois for her birth or death certificates, so far no hits. If anyone has any information please contact me via email or call me (586)876-0636. I currently reside in Michigan. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. THis is soooo exciting!!!!

Thank you,