Branches of the Family Tree

Date Fri, 15 Sep 2006 | Topic: General

I guess I should have posted this earlier, but in the conversion of the site, I missed adding the information about the various branches of our tree. Here you have it - if you are wondering which KENOWS/KIENOWS are your KIENOWS, then this might help you out. Not all the information is posted, yet, but we are working on getting one central place where all the KENOW/KIENOW family information gets shared.

What we have now is one place to launch your searches, and we have linked the various sites together.
Descendants of KIENOW/HOST (Janesville, Wisconsin) Research Contact: Paul Kienow Descendants of OESTERREICH/KIENOW (Rochester, Minnesota) Descendants of KIENOW/DURRE (Rice, Benton County, Minnesota) Descendants of KIENOW/ZARLING KIENOW/SCHROEDER (Burnett Township, Wisconsin) KIENOW/BARTZ (South Dakota) KIENOW/VORPAHL (Nebraska) Descendants of MALAKOWSKY/KIENOW (Norman County, Minnesota) Research Contact: Sandy Atkins and Lila Hegrenes Descendants of KIENOW/GENTZKE (Germany) Descendants of KIENOW/STEFFEN (Faribault, Minnesota)Research contacts: Steve Kenow, Harold Kenow, and Don WoodDescendants of Charles Frederick KENOW (St. Louis, Missouri)Research contact: Karen Goode

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